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James Peak Wilderness Area On at the car, off at the bar

On at the car, off at the bar.

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At Backcountry Coalition we strive to provide our visitors and members with a place to share their experiences and love for backcountry skiing. Our site is built from our member base and grows with them. Check out our Areas & Descents section for detailed information regarding ski areas, and some of the routes that our members have discovered.

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Content Guidelines

This page offers some tips for submitting content.

New Area or Descent Submission Suggestions


An area is the destination for your day. For example, Berthoud Pass is an area. Consider this to be where you are parking and getting geared up for the day. There are multiple ways to head to skin up and multiple slopes to aim to descend. Please give as much logistic detail and information to aid your fellow backcountry users. Do not assume any prior knowledge of an area when posting.


The descent is where you will be skiing down. Most areas will have plenty of choices to descend, whether it be the wide open wind blown slope, the tight trees, or some narrow coulior. When posting overview photos, consider drawing arrows designating these descents.


When adding a new Area or Descent, please give other visitors and backcountry skiers as much information as you have available. Give a complete picture of the backcountry area so it can be a resource to your fellow backcountry users. Consider the information you would need or like to have available to you when looking at a new area. Some suggestions to discuss:

    What is the terrain like??
    How long is the ascent? How strenous?
    How steep is the skiable terrain?
    What is the aspect of the slope that you will be skiing?
    Are there access issues?
    Best time of year for descent?
    Any Historical Information?
    Average Length of day? Quick Laps, All day, Overnight?
    Certain terrain features that should be avoided?
    Avalanche Safety resources? Local Avalanche Center, Avy Terrain Maps, etc
    Recommended descents?

Please be aware of different types and skill levels of users that may be using this area. Keep in mind that users may vary in skill level so please be thorough in describing potential risks, hazards, and commitment level of the area. Everyone's safety is the first priority. If there are dangers to some users please note this. Do not assume people have any avalanche training.

How to get there

Pretend you have never been there. What information do you need to get to the area correctly? It's not bad to give too much information. You wouldn't want to get lost would you?

After you are done:

Please spread the word and help expand this database. This is a user based forum, where the information comes from you and your backcountry ski partners. Have them double check your beta and if you need to edit, please do so accordingly.

Thanks for your contribution, we look forward to making you a part of the Backcountry Coalition Community!

Featured Descent

Colorado » Front Range

Mine Dumps

These are tree runs.  There are a couple of different options, the further back towards the ski area you go along the ridge the steeper it gets (I have heard woomphing and all sorts of sketchiness over on these shots before).  The further towards the top of the pass you go the mellower it gets.  Pick your line and ski down to the open meadow which provides a pretty great regrouping point.  After this next meadow ski tight trees down to the road.  From here I usually take my skis off, cross the road and drop down the next section and into the Loveland Valley ski area.  From there you can catch the free shuttle back to the area and either go do it again or go ski something inbounds.